GovReg Pressure Adjuster Tool with Gauge

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GovReg Pressure Adjuster Tool with Gauge

Easily set and change the pressure on your GovReg Inline Secondary Regulator with this convenient Adjuster Tool. The GovReg Pressure Adjuster Tool features a glycerin filled gauge that is accurate to +/-2%, a rubberized gauge protector to protect the gauge and a quick reference gauge (colored in red) for wine on tap, direct draw, long draw or nitro/Guinness systems. Adjusting your pressure is quick and simple with the easy to use pressure adjustment knob. Simply turn clockwise to increase the pressure or turn counter-clockwise to decrease the pressure. The Adjuster Tool helps ensure your system remains tamperproof as well, preventing your settings from being changed haphazardly.

GovReg Pressure Adjuster Tool Features:
-Tool used to set GovReg to correct PSI
-Accurate to +/- .05 PSI
-Durable simple; easy to use
-Simply connect Gov Reg™ to Adjuster using a standard hex nut

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