3 Gallon Glass Carboy

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This smaller 3 gallon carboy is perfect for homemade wine and small batches of mead. It will fit in most full-size refrigerators with ease.

The carboy ships without accessories. That way you can customize your carboy by selecting from our accessory list below. Pick the airlock and stopper option for a complete fermenter. The carboy dryer keeps the carboy inverted for faster air drying. The carboy thermometer is a stick-on to attach to the side of the carboy. Add a carboy handle for a more secure hold.

Dimensions: Approximately 16" H x 8 3/4" W

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel C.
Good Italian Glass

Bought this as a feeder for my 3G keg. Stated volume is correct, 3G water will come to just above the top shoulder rib. Well made carboy. With careful handling should last many years.

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