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Our Brewmasters created the Essential Beer Making Kit to be the best first experience making craft beer at home. We’ve removed the mess and hassle, and included the freshest hand-picked ingredients that the market can offer, but left you all the glory that comes with handing friends a beer with your name on it. Whether you’re interested in diving deeper into beer or gift-hunting for the beer lover in your life, the Essential Beer Making Kit will give you a taste of the hobby that spawned the craft beer industry we all love.

Homebrewing is all about the pursuit of knowledge. Well, knowledge and beer. That's why we include free access to our homebrew 101 video course with every starter kit. In this introductory course, we look at the ingredients, brewing equipment, and processes required for making your first batch of homebrewed beer at home.

Essential Beer Making Starter Kit Includes:

  • Siphonless Plastic fermenter (designed for 1 gallon batches)
  • Your choice of Beer Recipe Kit containing dry malt extract, steeping grains, premium hops, and brewer's yeast.
  • Simple step-by-step Instructions
  • FREE Homebrewing 101 Course Included Preview Here

You will need a 2-gallon kettle for brewing your beer and approximately 12 pry-off-style beer bottles, caps, and a capper for bottling. Add on our essential beer bottling kit from the extras above to get everything needed for bottling.

Essential Beer Making Starter Kit Recipe Options:

Pale Ale
For fans of craft beer, a recipe like this one is likely very familiar. The classic American Pale Ale gave rise to what we consider craft beer today, and many define it to be the original American craft beer style. Perfectly balanced malt and hop character paired with a clean fermentation profile gives this recipe rich flavor, moderate bitterness, and an approachable alcohol content while maintaining supreme drinkability and satisfaction. View recipe instructions.

American Brown Ale
If big flavors are your style, look no further! Overlapping layers of elaborate caramel, dark chocolate and faint coffee malt flavors satisfy the palate and relent to an unexpected hop presence characteristic of American ales. This beer finishes with an impressive balance of flavor and refreshment making it perfect to pair with nearly any dish. View recipe instructions.

Bier Hall Blonde Wheat
This German-influenced wheat ale is the perfect any-time thirst quencher and a proven crowd-pleaser. Light golden in color and exceptionally crisp, Bier Hall Blonde Wheat is an easy sipper with a moderate body, just a hint of hops, and all the right flavors to bring friends together. View recipe instructions.


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