Cold Crank®: Small Immersion Chiller

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Ready to give your biggest brew day chore the cold shoulder? Chill your wort down in a flash with the NEW Cold Crank immersion chiller. 

The Cold Crank immersion chiller is easier and way more effective than an ice bath. Efficient and way more affordable than big-ticket versions. We ditched all the frills and designed a no-nonsense chiller that's compact, easy to use and incredibly durable because it's crafted from the same quality materials as the big guys. Plus, it's engineered for mobility, allowing you to stir your wort as you chill it for even faster results. So skip the ice bath and crank your brew game up a notch with Cold Crank® immersion chiller.

Minimal effort. Minimal expense. Maximum return.


  • The Coil: 8.5" Tall, 4.5" Wide, 2" Deep
  • Top to Bottom: 21.5"
  • 13 Feet of Copper Tubing
Some Assembly Required. A flat head screwdriver or 1/4" wrench is necessary.

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Customer Reviews

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Todd Walther
Get two

Fits great in a 7 gallon brew kettle. Most immersive chillers wont fit in a kettle when you have an attached temperature probe. Unfortunately there is not enough copper tubing to cool wort. Two will fit in the kettle due to its design. You will just need to purchase a hose y connector.

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