Portuguese Floor Corker

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This Portuguese floor corker compresses the corks with plastic compression fittings. The body is of sturdy metal construction with a plastic hand grip. The bottle platform has a spring-adjustment that locks into place when the corking arm is lowered. The plunger depth is easily adjustable. Bright red.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joshua Miller
Throwing away my wing corker

My wine is currently bulk aging, but I tried this corker out on a few bottles to see if it was worth the money. So far, yes. I've broken a few bottles and been cut with several variations of the wing corker. They are no good and dangerous in my opinion. Sure they work, but not well enough for me. So this beauty works like a dream; safe, secure and accurate bottling. Worth 60 bucks any day.

Kevin Stanford
Worth it!

Spend the extra on this. No trouble getting the corks to the right depth, sturdy, quick. One less thing to worry about on bottling day.

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