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Clarity Ferm is an enzyme that is effective at preventing chill haze. It increases shelf-life and product consistency, does not alter beer flavor or aroma, and has no effect on head retention. It is easy to use, and does not require special equipment.

Clarity Ferm is also capable of producing gluten-reduced beers made with barley. The majority of beers test below 10ppm gluten when used in correct dosage.

Can be used with all types of malts and other raw materials. Add to cooled wort at the beginning of fermentation. Use 1 vial (10 ml) per 5-7 gallons.

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Customer Reviews

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A buddy of mine has Celiacs, so he can't eat or drink gluten. I've bought 3 brews worth so far and have bottled 2 now (3rd this Thursday) having him try it with no gluten reactions. He was a huge craft beer fan before, so I've really been enjoying bringing him back into the craft world and he's been loving what I've been giving him. I've personally never cared much about how clear the beer is, but it does help out with that as well. Doesn't mess with flavor or mouthfeel at all. I've tried a drop on it's own after adding it the first time and it has very little flavor. Mostly just a light tartness, but nothing anywhere near strong enough to mess with the beer's flavor. These are a little pricey, but they do great work. They're very easy to use. Just add it with the yeast and let it do it's thing. If you're going for gluten reduced, use this. If you're going for clarity, I've heard gelatin is great for that and cheaper, but this will help as well. If you go for both, the gelatin would probably help the Clarity Ferm get the beer 100% clear. Overall though this stuff is good for clearing the beer, but incredible for reducing gluten. Highly recommended and I'll definitely be buying more. I'd buy bulk if that was an option.

Dan Sturgell

My wife and son are both allergic to gluten, but with clarity firm they can drink my beer and have never had a reaction of any kind. Has not affected the flavor or mouth feel of the beer. I do all mini mash.

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