Tilt Wireless Hydrometer & Thermometer (Green)

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Tilt Wireless Hydrometer & Thermometer (Green)

Check your gravity during fermentation! The Tilt Hydrometer & Thermometer was designed specifically for homebrewers to monitor both the specific gravity and temperature of your batch while its fermenting without having to open your fermenter or waster any of your hard brewed beer to messy beer thieves and sample jars. This allows you to brew more consistently and makes your batches easier to track. The Tilt allows you to instantly check on your batch using an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. Save your data to the cloud to chart your brews progress and help you design better beers in the future. The increased transmission power of the Tilt gives it better reception and range, allowing it to send data through large, thick-walled fermenters and it will work with most Bluetooth 4.0+ devices. Designed with a high precision temperature sensor and accelerometer, the Tilt monitors your batch with a fine degree of control. The specific gravity is accurate +/- 0.002 within the Tilt's 0.990 to 1.120 range. The included thermometer is accurate +/- 1 degree F. The Tilt was also built with efficiency in mind. The reduced power consumption allows to to use you Tilt batch after batch with the same battery. Each Tilt comes calibrated and ready to use with an included battery. Battery life is 12-24 months depending on usage.

Brewing Multiple Batches? No Problem! Grab another colored Tilt Hydrometer to monitor multiple brews at once. The app will not read multiple hydrometers of the same color, so be sure to grab one of the other many colored Tilts!

Green Tilt Hydrometer Easy to Use Instructions:
- Download the Free App (Grab it HERE)
- Sanitize Your Tilt
- Drop in Your Fermenter
- Start Taking Reading on Your Phone or Tablet!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Harazda
Works with fermenting in a keg

The tilt works great! With fermenting in a corney keg, the signal was still found when sitting the cell phone on top of the keg. I used the TiltPi on a Raspbery Pi Zero W sitting on top of the keg lid and it kept a constant connection.

Works Great!

Great unit, #3 in my collection, works exactly like it is supposed to, even though a keg or conical fermenter. Great device to know when primary fermentation is complete.

steve magdeburger
Tilt Hydrometer

This device is a huge advancement and will definitely change the way I go about monitoring the status of my fermentations. No more need to pull samples to test gravity. Convenient graphical log.

Elevated Fermentation

An amazing product that takes your brewing to the next level! I've always been curious about my fermentations and if I was letting them sit long enough, or even too long. The Tilt gives you real time data on how your precious beer is doing. Yes it makes you check it a bit more often once you first get one, but then you can go back to leaving it and tracking it occasionally. Especially if you have it hooked up to a device all the time, you can check it whenever you want and it will chart the data. Overall a very cool product and I can't wait to use it further and add another.

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