The Grainfather G70 70 Liter All In One Brewing System

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The Grainfather G70 70 Liter All In One Brewing System

From the creators of the original award-winning all grain brewing system, the Grainfather G70 represents the next level in brewing equipment. We’ve stepped up our game to bring you a smarter brewing system with a larger 70L capacity, improved design, wireless control, app integration and the same Grainfather signature quality guarantee.

70L of innovation, consistency and power have helped to create one of our most compelling systems to date. The inherent strength and safety capabilities of the G70 are matched by its bold, contemporary look and new smart brewing technologies.

Whether you're a homebrewer looking to raise the stakes or a commercial brewery looking to bring authenticity back to your pilot batches, the G70 is your true brewing companion. It gives you everything you need in one compact package that can be used virtually anywhere.


Two stage false bottom
. The conical base allows a false bottom with an inner collar to sit in the recess of the base. Early testers used 600gs of hops and saw full flow through the pump. This is very effective.

Compared to the G30, the G70 is wider but not that much taller.

Bottom drain below the false bottom means minimal dead space. Comparatively, the draining is still quick from the basket and there’s less likelihood of stuck sparges as the draining surface area is bigger.

Bespoke 3.2 kWh concealed conical heating element.
Make the most of the power available. The element covers around 80% of the base and is mounted using a thermal paste rather than braised. This moves the heat efficiently upwards, minimizing the loss of heat to areas where it’s not needed. As it’s spread in a wide area, hot spots and scorching are very unlikely. Also, most solids settle on the false bottom, so they won’t touch the elements. As it’s concealed, it makes cleaning easy too.

Integrated sight glass for easy volume readings during sparging
. Instead of trying to judge the level of your preboil, you can easily sparge until you reach preboil volume. It’s also easy to clean after every brew. The sight glass cap can be replaced with the sight glass cleaning barb to easily recirculate a cleaning solution.

High temperature, high flow rate, food-grade pump. With an 8L per minute flow rate, you can transfer your brew efficiently and safely.

Heavy duty handles on the outside of the G70 unit.

Convenient side entry recirculation. Rather than up and over, the G70 has a built in port on the side of the unit. If the pump is accidentally switched on, the wort will be safely directed back into the boiler.

New rolled edge, mash plates and hop filter for increased strength and easy set up. Large dual-stage hop filter provides a large surface area to allow for a hopping rate of up to 1.5kg, which also reduces pump load and blockages.There are no more silicone seals, as the plates now have a smooth finish, making them more robust, hard-wearing and easy to install.

Safety aspects including locked in support ring, heavy duty, no slip brackets on the grain basket and protection from knocking the ball valve open.

Automatic heat sensors and safety cut-out for dry boil protection.

Color LCD controller screen with magnetic mounting for easy viewing from all angles and manual control.

Glass lid with handle.

Ball valve for sampling/draining. This runs in line with the pump so it’s particularly helpful when draining the cleaning water. The water runs out quickly, emptying the unit in no time.

Huge wort chiller included.
Despite the volume being more than double, cooling times remain around the same as the G30 thanks to a more powerful pump, efficient false bottom and bigger wort chiller to match the wider unit. The large size means it needs to be positioned away from the G70, however this is made easy with longer silicone tubing attached as standard.

Lifting bar included with winch lifting hook. Use the bar for a two person lift or with a stable winch system for individual brewers to lift the grain basket.

Robust stainless steel body and excellent build quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Karen Sellers
Fantastic!!! Love Grainfather Products!!

Totally pleased with our new G70. Have brewed 3 - 10gal batches so far. Efficiency has been increased from G30. Love the sight glass Wish Grainfather could upgrade the G30 with that. Totally love the G30 & will continue to use it too. It also makes a great sparge water heater for the G70. So far have not used a hop spider with the G70 & have had great results. Clean up is easy . Only complaint would be that the reset button is on the bottom of unit same as G30 which of course the one time we had to use it was at the beginning of a boil. Weíve purchased a cart on rollers for our G70 for ease of moving it around & will drill a hole on the cart base where the reset button is, but hope never have to use it. Love that itís 220 also. It heats up quickly. Added an inline thermometer too for transferring wort quicker. Added that to the G30 too. Highly recommend that. Super Product!!

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