Stout Restrictor Faucet

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This chrome plated stout restrictor faucet with a stainless steel spout is designed specifically for pouring stouts and achieving the classic creamy head. To properly pour a stout beer and achieve the unique creamy head is a two step procedure:

Step 1: Hold the glass at a 45° angle. Pull forward and down on the tap handle. Adjust the angle of the glass to upright when the glass is about three-quarters full. Close the faucet by returning the handle to the vertical position. Set the glass down and allow it to settle.

Step 2: Put the glass under the faucet. Push the handle backwards. The faucet contains a stainless steel restrictor disc with small holes that the beer is pushed through, agitating the CO2 gas in the beer to create the creamy head. The entire process takes about 120 seconds, but the result is worth the wait.

A Faucet Handle is not included. please select one from the menu below.

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