Still Spirits Turbo 500 Condenser

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The Still Spirits Turbo 500 condenser is the top component of the turbo 500 distilling set. Used along with a Turbo 500 Boiler, the Turbo 500 produce large quantities of extremely clean, pure alcohol. The user friendly T500 allows you to collect an astonishing 95% of the possible alcohol from the wash.

The Still Spirits Turbo 500 re-flux condenser works on the principles of ceiling temperatures, where it prevents chemical substance above a certain boiling point being processed. Unlike other re-flux condensers on the market, the Turbo 500 works with a focus on the water flow and controlling the temperature of the water flow out. Assuming that the temperature of the water flow is stable, it is able to create a ceiling threshold temperature based on the water flow out.

- Condenser w/lid plug
- Digital thermometer
- Tubing
- Water flow controller
- Tap adapter
- Saddles
- Boil enhancers
- Distilling conditioner
- Instructions.

This is for the Condenser only. The Turbo 500 Condenser and Boiler are sold separately. This can also be used with the Alembic Dome top.

Please Note: depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing.

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