Stella Artois (2B) - MINI MASH Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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Stella Artois (2B) - MINI MASH Homebrew Ingredient Kit

Clone Mini Mash Light Lager Recipe Kit

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Stella Artois Brewery. Leuven, Belgium.

Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
John S
Great Kit

I have brewed this kit for Stella lovers and they have let me know that it is better than the Stella they buy from the store. Most think this must be how it tastes right out the the Stella brewery.

Old Site Reviewer
Ok but...

This kit is a good beer but has zero resemblance to Stella. Very disappointed. Most Austin kits are pretty dependable for great beer. In 3 years there are 2 that were not even in the ball game, this and Hoegaarden.

Larry B
DropTine Distillery and Brew Haus

My Father in Law loved this beer! HE HATES EVERYTHING! My jaw hit the floor! this really is a good beer that you can be proud to serve! I've already reordered and plan to keep this one in the rotation. Thank you AHS! Good Job!

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

I've brewed this kit twice (12/30/12 and 12/30/13). The first version was my first venture into lagers. I did the extract version to focus on other issues specific to lagers and it turned out well. I did have to raise the temp due to a long lag time from the yeast, but once it got started everything went well. The finished product had great clarity, and the taste was very similar to Stella. For the second batch I did the partial mash. I mashed between 152 and 154 for 45 minutes. The wort hit an OG of 1.050 and I used Saflager 34/70 (2 packets) for this batch since I had some left over. The taste of this batch is spot on with Stella. For both batches I used distilled water for top off to 5.25 gal.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

My wife loves Stella, I think it's ok. Loved this recipe though, as did everyone that tried it. I found the longer time in the bottle (5 + weeks), the better. It's just hard to keep it around.

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