Stainless Steel PICO Style Keg Kettle False Bottom with Supports

Item Number: 99-2653

Sale price$99.99


This is a PICO-style stainless steel false bottom for a keg mash tun. The 16% open design lends itself to better efficiency and a clearer sparge. The false bottom sits on top of a 2.25" support which help prevent scorching.

Features and specifications:
- 2 halves fit perfectly inside preventlying leakage
- 15-3/8" diameter (same as the inside of 1/2 barrel kegs)
- Separate 2.25" tall support
- Stainless steel

PICO-style false bottoms should not be used with a pump with an output of over 3/8". Using the larger 1/2" barbed outlet will create suction on the false bottom and may cause the stands to bend. When installing make sure to place the false bottom on top of the supports with the bent pieces facing up.

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Customer Reviews

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This thing is brilliant

As a pro brewer I finally have a false bottom on a homebrew system that actually works like it should. I did however have to cut in notches in the supports for it to sit flush in the keg.

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