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Speidel 12L Plastic Fermenter (3.2 gal)

A better fermenting option is here. This 12L Speidel Fermenter is safer than glass carboys, easier to keep clean than plastic carboys, and easier to transfer than either.

Key Features:

Heavy duty HDPE construction is durable and resists oxygen transfer.
Built-in handles make these tanks easy to move, even when full.
Large lid opening makes them easy to clean by hand.
All ports seal with gaskets and the vessel can be fully sealed for long-term storage.
Includes a spigot. 12L model does not include an airlock. Speidel recommends loosening the lid to allow for CO2 escape if using for active fermentation
Approximate Dimensions: 10in Diameter x 14in Height. Note - The maximum temperature that these plastic fermenters can handle is 140F.

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Customer Reviews

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Danny Panetta
My Thoughts!

Can't say much about this speidel at the moment, its only the first time using it. what i do like about both speidels i have the 30L (might as well say it holds 8 gallons instead of 7.9. whats the difference) and the 12L that i bought through Austin Homebrew is they're not glass! and German made! wouldn't trust most other country's with something like this (sorry just my opinion). the one thing i don't like about the fact can't use the 12L as a proper fermenter. BUT!! with a little bit of searching through the after market parts out there! something can be finagled and mean outside of drilling a hole and inserting bung and airlock into a new top. currant use is for 3 gal of cider.

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