Regulator Repair Kit (Taprite)

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This is a repair kit for the old Taprite (economy) regulator. The old Taprite regulator has a screw on the front to adjust the pressure. The kit comes with parts and instructions.

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Customer Reviews

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Saved the day for an old friend

I've had a Taprite regulator on my jockey box that was given to me by my local beverage distributor over 28 years ago. After having been idle for the last few years, the regulator leaked when put back in service. This is the correct kit for the old style, big diaphragm housing. When I fixed this leak, I found the PRV was leaking. Taprite doesn't offer repair parts for pressure relief valves so I went to Ace Hardware and found the correct o-rings. I'm back in business!!!

Easy to install

My regulator purchased used and full of crud is back to working like brand new! Easy to install. Hint - if you don't have the big wrench, take some donuts to your local auto mechanic. He can open it in a jiffy, install the guts, and wrap it up before he finishes donut #2. Or goto Home Depot and get a 1 5/16 wrench for $15. Stopping at the garage is also a great way to get the flywheel nut off a lawn mower to replace the key...

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