Plastic Thief (Fermtech)

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A high grade acrylic wine thief with some unique design features. The design allows a hydrometer to be inserted directly into the thief. The thief is its own sample jar. Dip it into the fermenter for a sample. The hydrometer reading is taken immediately because it is already in the wine sample. Then, simply touch the tip of the thief to the rim of the carboy to empty the thief.
Dimensions: 19" (48cm) long.

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Cavasin
Very handy device

This device is longer than some of the other similar products on the market, which makes it easier to dip down into your 6.5G carboy and snag a S.G. reading when starting a 5G batch of wort. Works as advertised. Good price. My only fear is losing my grip and dropping it into the carboy when taking a sample!

Easy To Use

Taking samples for SG is made easy. No bubbles to deal with & sample can be returned to the fermenter cleanly.

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