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"Pale Chocolate" refers to the color of this malt and its flavor. It is lighter in color than chocolate malt and its flavor contribution will be milder and softer. It does have a rich roasted coffee flavor when used in higher percentages, and that flavor is complimentary to porters, stouts, browns, and other darker beers. Pale chocolate malt can be used in all beer styles for color adjustments with minor to no flavor contributions. The usage rate for darker beers is 1-10% of the total grain bill.
200-250 L

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Addisu Mekuriaw
My only place

The Last 7 years this brew supply has been the only and best source of my home made #Ethiopian local beer called “Tela .” I was helpless when I heard they are no more in store. Delivery was a little late but understandable.

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