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The March 815 PL pump is very similar to the 809 HS. The 815 has a higher flow (7 gallons / min vs 6 gallons / min) and can pump higher in the air (18.6 ft vs 12.1 ft).

The March 815 PL pump is constructed of food grade material that will not create off flavors. It will handle wort at boiling temperature, and take back pressure (flow restriction). This pump can be used for an all-grain system, or used to pump wort through a counterflow or brazed plate heat exchanger.

Features and specifications:
- 1/2" NPT connections for both inlet and outlet
- Conduit box with wire leads (no plug)
- 6 ft cord and plug option
- 115V
- 1/25 horsepower, continuous duty 1.4 Amp motor
- Flow rate: 7 gallons / min
- Max head: 18.6 feet
- Withstands liquids up to 250 F (121 C)
- Food Grade
- The head is made from high temperature polysulfil (sometimes called polysulfone)

Do you you want a power cord? We will wire it up for you. Choose the drop down menu below.

The March 815 uses a magnetic-drive pump, so there is no chance of oil contaminating beer. Do not allow magnetic-drive pumps to run dry, because these pumps are not self-priming. That means the pump will need to be mounted below the level of the liquid to be pumped. They will not work with a siphon. This will cause the pumps to run dry, which will destroy the units and void the warranty. If the flow needs to be reduced, a valve on the output side can be used to restrict the flow. Do not restrict the flow into the motor.

Always use a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) when using a pump to reduce the chances of electrocution. If you do not have a GFCI outlet, use the drop down menu below to add a GFCI outlet adapter.

The March Pump also requires two 1/2" NPT couplings. One is for the in connection, and one is for the out connection. To avoid damaging the pump head, the use of polypropylene couplings is recommended because threading metal fittings onto the pump head can damage the pump's threads. See the options below.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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