Jumbo Coarse Nylon Bag

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This heavy duty coarse reusable nylon bag can hold up to 15 lb of grain. It is also used as a strainer for fruit in both brewing and winemaking.
Dimensions: 18" x 32".

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Customer Reviews

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Stephen L. Smith, DO
Use as Trub strainer

I ferment in a Blichmann Fermenator. After soaking this bag in sanitizer I line the inside of the Blichmann w/ it then pour the cooled wort into it. I cover the Blichmann for ~ 30 minutes to allow more of the trub to settle into the bottom of the bag. Then I lift the bag outa the wort, suspending the bag over the wort for a few minutes allowing the remaining wort to seep outa the bag, then remove the bag outa the Blichmann to dump the trub. Then add yeast and water to the 5.5 gallon level, stir well then aerate w/ hospital grade oxygen thru a sanitized fish aquarium aerator, then close the Blichmann and finish the set-up w/ the airlock. Fermentation begins w/o the trub. After 3 days I dump any remaining trub thru the bottom valve so fermentation continues w/ NO trub in the Fermenator. I brew unbelievable extract clones w/ this system, beers that shames the store bought named beers. If ya don't have a conical fermenter I recommend taking a sanitized container (sanitized 16-20 quart container or 5gal. plastic bucket) line it w/ the sanitized bag, pour the cooled wort into it, let the bag strain the wort then remove the bag and pour the wort into the primary fermenter and finish the process set-up in the usual fashion.

Works Great!

Great for both fruits and grains, even "Brew in a Bag." Toss them in the washing machine to clean. Saves a lot of time, effort & money using these.

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