Italian Champagne Floor Corker

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Some describe this corker as the "Cadillac of corkers." Made by Ferrari in Italy: a top of the line high quality Italian floor corker with brass iris compression fittings and effortless performance. The bottle is locked in place while being corked. The minimum bottle height is 9" and maximum height is 15". The corker ships boxed and requires minor assembly. This corker can cork champagne bottles without an adapter. It is a deep midnight blue color.

With the additional capper, this floor corker will be able to cap champagne bottles. See below to add the capper.

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Customer Reviews

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Melissa Yssel
Italian Floor Corker

Best buy ever! Suitable for wine and champagne corks and very versatile with the additional capper. Easy to set up and use, great conversation piece and makes a statement!

Bella Machina!

I am a home beer brewer that branched out recently to try my hand at wine making. The wine turned out so good, I chose to purchase a corker. This machine was easy to assemble and FUN to use. I am going to make more just to cork.

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