Imperial Yeast G01 Stefon

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This is the classic German strain used to produce world class weizen beers where banana esters and clove phenolic aroma is required. Balanced with mild clove, depending on your wort profile, this strain will produce great beers. Stefon will produce a slightly higher level of acidity to give your beer a very crisp finish. Mildly underpitching will help increase the banana character.

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Arrived Warm but successful fermentation

I ordered my ingredients on a Friday in mid-June. I included an ice pack. The stuff didn't get to my house until Thursday. That's 6 days. The ice pack was completely melted, and the yeast was warm. I put it in the fridge and brewed that next Wednesday. I used the yeast just to see how it would go. About 16 hours after I pitched the yeast, it was chugging along. About 30 hours after pitching, I had to put a blowoff tube on the carboy. I kept it on for a couple of days. Once fermentation slowed to a bubble or two every minute, I racked to secondary and took a gravity reading. It was at 1.017. Aroma and flavor were spot on. It has had active fermentation until 3 days after I transferred. I have not bottled yet. I anticipate that it will be spot on. Moral of the story. Order two (or three) ice packs, but if it shows up warm. See what happens.

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