Hop Resin Syringe - Cascade (5 mL)

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Hop Resin Syringe - Cascade (5 mL)

A whole new way to hop your beer!

This Cascade Hop Resin Syringe is a pure resin extract which contains alpha acids, beta acids, and hop oils for use in bittering your wort in the kettle. The Cascade Hop Resin will also contribute a variety of specific flavor and aroma notes (in this case flowery, citrusy, with strong tones of grapefruit) when used as a late kettle or whirlpool addition to your wort. The resin is created using a supercritical CO2 process, extracting essential oils and soft resins.

Using Hop Resin:
- Increases final volume by reducing the amount of kettle trub
- Reduced vegetal and polyphenol flavor contribution
- Reduced hot-side kettle foam formation during boil
- Increased alpha utilization (approximately 5% more than traditional leaf & pellet hops)
- Extended shelf life and reduced storage requirements


The preferred method for "dosing" your wort is by mixing the hop resin into a cup of hot water or wort, and then adding the mixture to your boil at the required time. The hop resin extract is NOT isomerized until added to the boil during brewing. When using as an early kettle addition (60-90 minute boil time), this resin will add bitterness with typical isomerization utilization of 35%. If you plan on using as a late kettle addition, it will add the crisp flowery and citrusy aromas and flavors Cascade hops are know for. Hop Resin may not produce as intense flavor and aroma contributions as cryo hops or pellet hops would. This resin has a high utilization efficiency, roughly 5% more than leaf and pellet hops.

Please consult the chart below for a quick reference on dosage amounts, but please note these are approximate guidelines. Doses are in 1 mL increments per 5 gallon batch of wort (at 1.030 - 1.070 OG):

- 1 mL of Resin will add approximately 7 IBUs when boiled for 60-90 minutes

Boil Time IBUs
60-90 Min 7.0 IBU
45 Min 6.0 IBU
30 Min 4.0 IBU
15 Min 3.0 IBU
5 Min 2.0 IBU
Post Boil 1-2 IBU

Below is an example of how your converted recipe will look:

- Your 60 min. addition is 35 IBU = Add 5 mL of Hop Resin
- Your 15 min. addition is 7 IBU = Add 1 mL of Hop Resin
- Your 5 min. addition is 3 IBU = Add .4 mL of Hop Resin

Knock-Out or Post Boil: Please note, post boil additions will add approximately 1-2 IBU's per 1 mL of resin in 5 gallons of wort.
High Gravity: If your wort's gravity is above 1.090, amount of resin used must be increased by 10%. As wort gravity increases, resin utilization will decrease similar to pellet and whole leaf hops.

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