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From testing equipment to essential fermentation supplies The Hard Cider Starter Kit includes everything you need to begin making your first batch. Just combine it with some bottles and one of our delectable hard cider recipe kits in order to get pouring.

With a yield of about 6 gallons (64 - 12 oz. Beer Bottles) our recipe kits are simple to use and delicious to make.

Follow these 4 easy steps.

  1. Mix your juice and yeast
  2. Ferment for 10-14 days
  3. Bottle and carbonate
  4. Crack open a cold one and savor the moment

Or if you’re using your own apple cider, simply add sugar, cider yeast to ferment your juice, pectic enzyme to clarify your cider, yeast nutrient to support your cider yeast, apple extract to enhance flavor, and priming sugar to carbonate your cider.

If you’re looking to expand production and level up your equipment, grab a 6 gallon carboy for additional fermentation capacity, or maybe try one of our kegging systems for easy carbonation and serving.

Check out our instructions on How to Make Hard Cider.

The Hard Cider Kit - Essential Equipment Kit Includes:

  • 6.5 Gallon Siphonless Bucket with Spigot - (Please Note: Due to Inventory Constraints Actual Bucket Design May Vary)
  • 3 oz. of No Rinse Oxygen Wash
  • Airlock (Keeps air out of the fermenter)
  • Hydrometer and Test Jar (Determines alcohol content)
  • Bottle Brush, Bottle Capper & 60 Bottle Caps
  • Bottle Filler & Siphon Tubing

Note: Does not include an optional recipe kit as pictured unless one is picked under extras.

Optional Hard Cider Recipe Kits Include:

  • Hard Cider Concentrate
  • Dry Cider Yeast
  • 2 Pounds of Corn Sugar
  • Cider Sweetener (Add to Taste), & Flavor Enhancer
  • Hard Cider Recipe Kit Instructions

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