Grainfather G30v3 Grain Basket Assembly

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Upgrade your G30 grain basket to a new v3. The newly redesigned Perforated Edge Grain Basket on the G30³ features side wall perforations to improve wort flow and to prevent a stuck mash. In addition to the redesigned grain basket, the new Rolled Edge Mash Plate filters the wort efficiently without warping. The new rolled edges mean that there is no need for silicone seals, making the plates much easier to install, remove, and clean.

The new grain basket and mash plate design means that there is no need for overflow pipework or a top plate, allowing for a hassle-free brew day.



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Customer Reviews

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Charles E Martin

I’m truly amazed at how nice this new grain basket is, very sturdy and very robust. I didn’t realize until now how nice it is to dough in and not have that pipe work in the middle. I’m also so glad that Grainfather set it up so that those of us with older boilers can upgrade to current model which I have done. With this new basket and the upgrade with the connect controller makes this the perfect system in my humble opinion.

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