Grainfather G30 Upgrade Kit

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Upgrade the G30 to the latest and greatest all in one. G30 upgrade kit allows you to break free from Bluetooth limitations when brewing with the Grainfather G30 and Grainfather App. Along with WiFi connectivity, you get upgraded to hassle-free rolled grain plates along with an insulated grain coat to maintain a constant temp. The upgrades don't stop there, the included hop spider allows for massive hop additions, spices, herbs, or anything else you can imagine adding to the boil.

Grainfather GCAST Bluetooth WiFi Bridge Features:

GCAST wirelessly bridges the connection between your G30 controller and the Grainfather App on your smartphone using your Wi-Fi network giving you a more reliable connection so you can brew with confidence.

  • Connect your G30 to a Wi-Fi connection and manage your brew remotely through the Grainfather App
  • Avoid losing connection during remote control with better signal strength with Wi-Fi
  • View live Tilt data from anywhere and log it to your brew session with no additional hardware required
  • Sleek, multi-textured design, that can be attached to any magnetic surface
  • Easy to set up and use through the Grainfather App

Requires Grainfather App and iOS: 11 or Android: 8.

Grainfather G30 Rolled Edge Grain Plates Features:

The new rolled edges provide a better brewing experience by eliminating the need for a silicone ring on the grain plates, which allows the user to easily insert the bottom grain plate and the top grain plates into the mash basket. No more fighting the silicone seal!

  • Top plate with rolled edges.
  • Bottom plate with rolled edges.

Grainfather Graincoat Insulation Jacket Features:

The Grainfather Insulation Jacket is an easy-to-clean (machine washable) polyurethane jacket designed for the Grainfather G30 to keep heat contained in the system at a constant temperature during the cold season brews. 

  • Made specifically for the Grainfather Connect for heat insulation
  • SBR Foam Material (7 mm thickness)
  • Designed for colder temperature areas
  • Easy to clean
  • Polyurethane outer layer
  • Machine washable

Green Widow Hop Spider Features:

The 400-micron stainless steel mesh keeps hop trub and other kettle additions out of the final wort. The rubberized handle makes for easy removal and doubles as a hanger for storage. Perfect for spices, herbs, and even the hoppiest IPA.

  • 400 micron stainless steel mesh will keep hop trub and other kettle additions out of the final wort.
  • Rubberized insulating handle for protection from heat.
  • 14" tall by 6" diameter basket size - perfect size for circulation.
  • Built in hooks to hang on the kettle edge.
  • Capacity volume of 1 Ib. pellet hops. 


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