FermFast Fruit Turbo Yeast

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Use to ferment all-fruit or fruit-sugar mixes up to 18% ABV
FermFast Fruit Turbo Yeast - Up to 6 Gallons

Use to ferment all-fruit or fruit-sugar mixes up to 18% ABV. Best results are achieved when at least 50% of the sugar content comes from fruit. Do not use with 100% sugar solution. Please note: when using fruit, treatment with pectinase enzyme may be required to remove haze-causing pectin if the fermented wash is to be consumed without distillation.

Once all-fruit or fruit-sugar mash is prepared allow to cool to 86ºF (30°C). Add the Fruit Turbo
Yeast sachet contents and stir well. Secure lid firmly onto fermenter, attach airlock and leave to
ferment between 68-86ºF (20-30°C) until fermentation is complete (approximately 7-10 days).

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