Faucet Shank Assembly - Stainless Steel

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SS Shank Assembly
Turn any upright refrigerator into a kegerator with this kit. Deliver your beverage from inside the fridge to a shiny faucet outside the door and into your waiting glass.

The conversion kit includes:
-Your choice of Disconnect and Faucet
- 4 1/8" stainless steel shank
- 3/16" stainless tailpiece
- Beer nut
- Beer washer
- 5 feet of beer line hose
- 1/4" FFL Fitting
- Faucet handle

The only requirement is a 7/8" diameter hole drilled through the refrigerator door. Measure the thickness of the refrigerator. The maximum allowable thickness for this shank is 2 1/2". Take care in positioning the shank. Make sure that an opening freezer door will clear the faucet and handle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Duane Landon

Works great. I installed this in a new mini-fridge with ease. All I needed was the right drill bit from the store.

Great setup... With a hitch

This kit was great on almot every level. Finish is perfect all the right parts at a good price in one package. Made my install a breeze. Now my one mi or complaint... The crimps on the beverage line. I had a cough in the line every time I waited more than 5 minutes after a pour. Well after 2 kegs a new coupling and lots of effort... 2 properly tightened hose clamps replacing the crimp clamps fixed the issue. I plan on buying this again for an add on to the kegerator but will replace the crimps before install.

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