El Siguiente Ball Lock Keg System (USED KEG)

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Dispense homebrew from one keg with picnic faucets. This kit has MFL fittings that allow for easy switching between ball lock disconnects, pin lock disconnects, and sankey couplers (with easy switch fittings). This kit includes a dual gauge regulator with both low and high pressure gauges on it.

- 5 gallon used ball lock keg
- Taprite dual gauge regulator with 5/16" barb outlet and check valve
- Ball lock liquid disconnect
- 5 ft of 3/16" beer line with 1/4" mfl fittings and picnic faucet
- Ball lock gas disconnect
- 5 ft of 5/16" gas line with 1/4" mfl fittings
- All needed hose clamps
- O-ring replacement set

This kit includes a used keg. All kegs are pressure tested and work. The outside of a keg may have minor dings and scratches. O-rings and poppets were only changed if the keg did not originally hold pressure.

Not included with the kit is a CO2 tank. It is not included so you can select the size of your CO2 tank. Select the tank size below.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Keg system

This keg system works perfectly fine. The keg had some pressure on it when it arrived. Definitely get the O-ring set, Iím glad I did because most of them were too worn to use. I would buy this again.

First trials working fine

I want to test out kegging. First for my daughters homemade soda experiments and then for my homebrew. Simple, easy setup that covers the basics for a single corny keg. Didn't take much trial and error to figure out the first batch of carbonated soda. Buyers should be clear that this is a one corny keg solution. The description was clear I think. Just saying if you think you might go beyond a single keg set up, you'll need a different regulator. I'm the type of buyer that wants to start with the basics, and if later decide I need more than one keg, will upgrade the system. For now, and figuring out kegging/carbonation, this cost effective, basic set up is exactly what I was looking for.

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