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Crystal Red™ Malt

Introducing Crystal Red, a revolutionary roaster-produced crystal malt renowned for its vibrant red color. This malt allows brewers to enhance the color of lighter beers such as IPAs and Pale Ales to a richer golden hue with minimal flavor impact. When used in larger quantities, Crystal Red™ adds complex dark sugar flavors, enhancing robust styles like Stouts and Belgian Ales with depth and character.

Crystal Red Malt Flavors:

Pronounced caramel, burnt sugar, raisiny, prunes.

Crystal Red Malt Usage:

  • <1% - To bump golden colors in Pale Ale and Lagers with minimum impact to flavor/fermentability.
  • 1-3% - For orange hues and slight caramel flavors in Amber Ales and Lagers.
  • 3-7% - For red color and low flavors of caramel, toffee in English Reds, Scotch Ales.
  • 7-10% - For deep red, cola colors and mild complex sugar flavors in Dark Ales and Lagers.
  • 10-15% - In intensely flavored and colored beers like Barley Wines and certain Stouts.


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