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Still Spirits Copper Parrot Head - Large

This proofing parrot will let you track the ABV of your distillate without having to take samples along the way. This allows you to closely monitor the quality of the distillate and determine where to take cuts or stop your distillation.

The Large Copper Parrot Head is designed for use with the T500 Reflux Still, T500 Alembic Pot Still, and other large stills.

Large Parrot Head Features:

  • High-quality copper construction.
  • Check your alcohol percentage during distillation without interruption.
  • Compatible with the T500 Reflux Still, T500 Alembic Pot Still, and other large stills.
  • The moulded base allows the Parrot Head to sit on a bench top or table.
  • Simple setup (either collect the distillate as it drips from the condenser into the Parrot Head collection cone or connect the Parrot Head collection pipe to the distillate out tube on the condenser).
  • No need to stop distillation or move the spirit to a separate collection vessel.
  • Total Assembled Height: 12.9in (328mm). Note: This unit will read no greater than 9.92in (252mm) from the base of your alcometer.
  • Fits alcometers less than 0.9in (23mm) in diameter.

Need a smaller proofing parrot? Check out Still Spirits Small Copper Parrot Head here.

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