Citrus Blueberry Cocktail Infusion Kit

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Citrus Blueberry Cocktail Infusion Kit

This 16oz glass bottle is filled with the perfect assortment and appropriate amounts of sugars and spices, this Rokz cocktail infusion bottle is an exciting way to add a blast of fruit and citrus flavor to your cocktails. It's easy to use too! Choose the appropriate liquor for the cocktail you will be making. from vodka, rum, tequila, or even white wine, and pour your favorite spirit into the 16 oz. glass infusion bottle. While in the bottle, the liquor absorbs the natural flavors and vivid colors of the hard ingredients. Keep the infusion in the refirdgerator or freezer, and swirl the hard ingredients and liquor a few times a day. Taste the infusion each day. Once the liquor reaches the desired strength, after about 1 to 2 days, it's time to start serving your flavorful cocktails!

The specially designed pour top on the infusion bottle is designed to allow you to pour drinks without removing the herbs and spices, there's no need to strain the hard ingredients out of the bottle. Simply serve your infused liquors straight, over ice, as a martini, or as a base for mixed drink recipes. This infusion bottle ensures that you'll be crafting the most flavorful cocktails and mixed drinks with a from-scratch taste, creating your own house blend, and an extra kick of flavor. Compared to using standard drink mixes, your friends and family will come to know who makes that best cocktail!

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