Cider Making Equipment Kit - 6 Gallon

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The Cider Making Equipment Kit is the perfect match for anyone who has ever wanted to make their own homemade cider. With this setup you will be able to make six gallons of cider using any one of the 10 Cider House Recipe Kits (Click Here to View All Cider Recipe Kits) or you can make your own batches using your own juice, just add the the Cider Making Book using the drop down menu above or by clicking (Cider Making Book). Cheers!

Included Items:
-7.9 Gallon Primary Fermenter
-Drilled Lid
-24" spoon
-Bottle Filler
-Bottle Caps
-Easy Clean Sanitizer
-3 Piece Airlock
-Siphon Hose
-Bottle Brush
-Bottle Capper
-Carbonation Drops (for traditional bottle conditioning)
-Liquid crystal thermometer.

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