Carboy Dry Hopping Tube 400 Micron

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Carboy Dry Hopping Tube (400 Micron Mesh)

Easily dry hop your next batch! This 400 micron stainless steel mesh tube is perfect for dry hopping in a carboy. The thin, elongated design easily fits inside the narrow opening of a standard glass carboy removing the strain of trying to fit bulky hop bags in. Both ends feature a removable, food-grade plastic stopper top which helps speed up the cleaning time.
It is NOT recommended to use more than 2.5 ozs. of hop pellets or 2 ozs. of coffee beans because they swell inside the tube.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dennis Boatman
Useful product

I liked the finer mesh screen. I have some previously acquired dry hopping tubes and the circulating holes are too big. Item was originally created for aging beer with oak cubes, etc.

Great Idea

My first use was to soak oak chips in wine. While it did work it was absolutely stuffed due to swelling at the end of two weeks. Very difficult to clean. I haven't used it for dry hopping yet.

Charles Less
Seems to work

I have only made one batch of IPA with this tube. The tube was completely filled with dry hops. The hops swell a lot during processing and the tube was very hard to clean.

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