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Only Non-GN, AMBA Approved Variety

As the craft spirits category continues to grow and evolve, Briess does the same by adapting and developing new products tailored to the industry. Crafted with all-malt Distillers in mind, Odyssey Whiskey Malt features balanced, yet complex flavors of honey and lightly-toasted bread — with an enzyme package suitable for the inclusion of specialty malts to create highly fermentable mash. Odyssey Whiskey Malt uses the only AMBA approved Non-Glycosidic Nitrile (Non-GN) producing barley variety, Odyssey, assuring the “all-malt” whiskey producer low levels of Ethyl Carbamate (EC).


  • Color: Contributes light golden color
  • Flavor: Sweet and bready with notes of honey
  • Single varietal base malt that can be used for all beer styles and single malt whiskey

Features & Benefits:

  • Non-GN for all-malt whiskey production
  • High Predicted Spirit Yield (PSY)
  • Malted in small batches
  • Excellent, well-rounded malt flavor
  • Only Non-GN, AMBA approved variety in the U.S.A.

More about Non-Glycosidic Nitrile (Non-GN) and Ethyl Carbamate (EC):

Controlling Ethyl Carbamate (EC) is done by distilling with barley varieties that do not contain its precursor, Glycosidic Nitrile (GN). Odyssey is the only choice for Non-GN producing barley approved by the American Malting Barley Association. LCS Odyssey consistently has a higher Predicted Spirit Yield (PSY) than other common barley varieties grown in the U.S.A. This assures the “all-malt” whiskey producer using copper equipment, low levels of Ethyl Carbamate (EC). EC is a known Group 2A carcinogen, and consumers are becoming more aware of avoiding these types of ingredients.

Optimizing the malting process for this variety imparts a balanced, yet complex flavor ranging from lightly toasted bread to sweet notes of honey.  The exceptional flavor combined with an enzyme package suitable for the inclusion of specialty malts makes it ideal for today’s craft distillers. Odyssey Whiskey Malt is crafted in small batches to ensure quality and consistency resulting in a highly fermentable mash and a high Predicted Spirit Yield (PSY).

Recommended Usage Rates:

  • 100% all malt whiskey - complex malty & grainy flavors
  • 60-90% - use with a variety of specialty malts to create
    complex & unique flavors
  • 50% or more - convert adjuncts such as raw corn, rye & wheat

Note: Briess is currently trialing this in beer brewing applications to see the best overall utilization % in beer brewing.

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