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A 250 tablet package.
Use these in place of dextrose or sucrose for superior priming and heading properties. They allow for better control when carbonating in bottles, and can be used with all bottle sizes. After adding the tablets, store the bottles at room temperature for 1 week to allow for carbonation. The tablets contain dextrose, dry malt extract, and heading powder.
Usage: 5 tabs per 12 oz bottle for high carbonation, 4 tabs for a normal carbonation, or 3 tabs for a light carbonation.

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Customer Reviews

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Steven Johnson
Not Recommended

I tried them on one 5 gal batch to bottle carbonate at normal carbonation (2 tablets per bottle), then waited the recommended 2 weeks prior to opening. Nothing! The tablets sat at the bottom of the bottles mostly intact. I had to shake them up, even turned the bottles upside down for a day, still no carbonation. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone and I'm not anticipating replenishing my supply.

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