Brewer's Best Brandy Barrel Chips (4 oz.)

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Brewer's Best Brandy Barrel Chips (4 oz.)

These oak chips are derived from Brandy Barrels. Not quite as oaky as Cognac, these Brandy Barrel chips will add notes of fruit, vanilla, and mellow spice. Ready to go straight out of the bag, these chips are sanitized by a nitrogen purge allowing you to add to your next batch without worry of infection. It is recommended to start with adding 2 oz. of barrel chips per 5 gallons into secondary fermentation and allowing your batch to age for 5 days before sampling. If a more intense flavor is required, age for an additional 5 days and sample again. Keep in an airtight container to store for future use.*

*Note: If your stored chips dehydrate, re-sanitize by soaking in a similar spirit for 48 hours at a ration of 1 oz. of spirits to 1 oz. of barrel chips.

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