Black Prinz Malt - lb

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Black Prinz Malt - lb

Produced from a hull-less barley, Black Prinz malt operates similarly to de-bittered black, but with a much smoother flavor. The absence of a husk makes this malt silky smooth, avoiding any bitter, astringent or dry flavors that the husks impart on your wort. Will contribute significantly to the coloring of your beer, much as a Black malt would. Great choice when brewing Black IPAs, Black Lagers, Black Ales, Schwarzbiers and other beers where you desire deep, rich coloring with minimal roast flavors.

Malt Style: Bitterless Black Malt
Flavor: Subtle, smooth
No bitter, astringent, dry flavors or aftertaste
Very delicate, clean flavor
Mild roasted malty flavor
Color: Dark brown to black tones
Use in Black IPAs, Black Lagers, Black Ales, Schwarzbiers and other beers for deep, rich color with only hints of subtle roasted flavor, and for color adjustment in any beer style

1-2% Minor color adjustment with little to no flavor impact in lighter colored lagers and ales
2-5% Adds color with subtle, smooth flavor
5-10% Use in larger quantities for color plus mild roasted malty flavor
Delicate, clean flavors make this malt ideal for contributing color when little flavor impact is desired. Smooth and mellow with hints of toasty, malty flavor.

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