Binky's Pumpkin Ale (23) - ALL GRAIN Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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Binky has opened his vault to unveil a true fall classic that can be enjoyed all year round! Binky's Pumpkin Ale is a great, easy-drinking pumpkin beer with a scary amount of flavor. Two pounds of unspiced pumpkin lend amazing color and spookily great pumpkin notes to the brew while an addition of honey helps smooth out the finish. The perfect beer to enjoy as the leaves fall, the temperature drops, and the ghoooooouls come out!

Specialty malts: Caravienne, Carafoam, Biscuit
Featured hops: Crystal
Other Ingredients: Honey, 2 lbs. of SPICED Pumpkin (not included, can be canned)

O.G. = 1.056
F.G. = 1.011
Approximately 5.89% ABV
Approximately 186.3 Cal / 12 oz
Approximately 27.80 IBUs
Makes 5 US gallons

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