Big Mouth Bubbler EVO 2 - 5 Gallon Glass Carboy

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Big Mouth Bubbler EVO 2 - 5 Gallon Glass Carboy

The next evolution of the revolutionary Big Mouth Bubbler. Re-engineered by Polish master glassmakers, this sturdy, hand-formed glass carboy is perfect for homebrewers. The extra-thick glass prevents oxygen from permeating through to your wort, keeping your brew safe, while the included Universal Lid and flat neck top help create air-tight seals that stop unwanted bugs and bacteria from invading. The eponymous big mouth measures a whopping 5.25" in diameter, allowing easy access for cleaning. The large opening lets you pour cooled wort directly into your carboy for instant transfers, pitch yeast without it running down the sides of fermentor, or adding flavoring to the secondary, and removing them just as easily.

The newly redesigned Big Mouth Bubbler also features a graduated volume markings to precisely measure in gallons the amount of wort in your vessel. The taller, narrower body design also allows for a cleaner transfer with less liquid left behind. The 5 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler works best when used for secondary fermentation or with smaller batches. The smaller size helps eliminate extra airspace in your fermenter, reducing the chances of oxidation which can produced off-flavors in your brew. If you are looking for a larger vessel for primary fermentation, check out the 6.5 Gallon Big Mouth Bubbler HERE!

The Big Mouth Bubbler also includes a Big Mouth Universal Lid. Just like a traditional carboy bung, this larger size bung has an opening for a traditional stopper and airlock to properly seal your vessel. The ribbed silicon rings of the Universal Lid ensure a positive seal, and the non-threaded design allows for mobility, preventing strong fermentations from dangerously pressurizing your Big Mouth Bubbler. Need a stopper and airlock, check out the options above to add them to your order!

Dimensions: Approximately 22” H x 10” W

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