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Bentonite is an absorbant clay. It can also absorb large amounts of protein molecules from aqueous solutions. That fact makes it useful to winemaking, where it used to remove excessive proteins from white wine, helping to prevent to formation of a cloudy haze. Finally, it will induce fairly rapid clarification of both white and red wines.
Usage: 3-4 teaspoons per 5 gallons. Mix with hot water before adding.

This is a 1 lb package

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Customer Reviews

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Just What I needed

Blanc du Bois cleared great. Will buy again.

Jim Sanders
Bentonite Clay

I have great luck with bentonite as the first thing in a bit of hot water as first thing in my fermenting bucket. It absolutely does not interfere with the yeast or affects the ABV I'm shooting for. Using it in fermentation buckets seems to really clear all the leas to a great degree BEFORE secondary and gives the clearing process in racking a big head start with no negative effects on the wine, and generally eliminates any need for other clearing additives later on in fruit wines.

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