Belgian Dark Rock Candi Sugar - 1 lb

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Belgian candi sugar is crystallized beet sugar. It comes in diamond form without strings, and is used to produce many unique Belgian beers. Candi sugar increases the alcohol level and can be used also to change the color of the beer. Dark candi is generally used for Dubbel, Old Bruin, and holiday styles.
Usage: The amount used depends on the recipe or individual taste. Generally, the range is 8 oz to 2 lb in a 5 gallon batch of beer.

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Customer Reviews

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Love this in my tea.

One lump or two

We love using the Belgian crystalized sugar in our coffee and tea. Our friends are always asking where we get our lump sugar. We wish they were sold in larger quantities (5 or 10 lb bag). In hot beverages it melts smoothly but must be stirred to disperse the sweetness. One draw back is that by the bottom of the sugar bowl the crystals have started crumbling under the weight. But the sugar is just as sweet crumbled as it is clumped, so I will leave my rating at 5 stars.

Good Stuff

I use this for baking (go figure). Used to get it at Teavana. The first batch I bought was great, and I assume this second batch is the same. In any case, the recipe always tastes great!

Delicious in coffee and tea

We bought this sugar to sweeten coffee and tea. It is delicious, but wish it came in smaller pieces. We did take a hammer to it, but that wasn't so successful as it splintered into a fine grain. Smaller raisin like chunks would be better.

Tamara Ross
Belgian Dark Rock Sugar

I use the Belgian Dark Rock Candi Sugar in my hot tea on a daily basis. I use to purchase Teavanaís sugar and when they closed, I couldnít find a replacement. This sugar is perfect and I love it!

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