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A modern take on a traditional style

American Honey Malt from Briess is a modern take on a traditional European-style Brumalt, also known as melanoidin malt. Briess starts with the highest quality American-grown barley and tailors their typical steep and germination process to produce a highly-modified green malt, rich with the precursors needed to create melanoidin‐style malt flavors. A series of proprietary processes are used to finish the malt and create a product rich with simple sugars and Maillard reaction compounds, leading to unique and complex malt flavors. This custom‐crafted malt lends sweet bakery flavors that increase in complexity with higher usage rates. With lower inclusion, you can expect subtle honey and bread flavors. At higher usage, expect complex bakery flavors ranging from honey and graham cracker to biscuit and brown sugar. 

Applications & Recommended Usage Rates:

  • Traditional melanoidin-style malt applications with a complex flavor profile from light honey to more intense malt flavors
  • Wide variety of beer styles from light lagers & ales to malt-forward beers like dark lagers, reds & Scottish ales
  • 1-5% in light beers for subtle honey & bread flavors
  • 5-10% in dark lagers & amber ales for complex honey & graham cracker flavors
  • 10-20% in dark lagers & ales for prominent, warming bakery flavors such as biscuit, toffee & brown sugar


  • Color: Amber, coppery with orange hues at typical inclusion rates
  • Flavor: Notes of honey, toffee & biscuit

Features & Benefits:

  • High levels of soluble protein, free amino nitrogen (FAN) & extract due to innovative malting technique
  • Unique flavors even at low usage rates
  • Complex, sweet bakery flavor profile

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