All Grain Brewing Upgrade Kit

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Take your brewing to the next level! This handy kit has all the essential equipment to transition from extract & mini mash brewing to all grain. All grain brewing gives you a finer control over your batch, resulting in tastier beer.

This process requires a longer period for mashing & sparging (to ensure all your sugars are washed from your grain) and an increased boiling volume, requiring several different pieces of equipment.

This kit includes a 5 Gallon Igloo Cooler Mash Tun with a false bottom for mashing your grains in, allowing you to convert your existing brew kettle into a Hot Liquor Tank for use when sparging, an 8 gallon brew pot with 2 welds and a stainless steel ball valve assembly for boiling, 1/2" NPT kettle plug and a 25' 3/8" Economy Copper Wort Chiller for quickly chilling your brew back down to pitching temperature.

All Grain Brewing Upgrade Includes:

  • 5 Gallon Igloo Cooler Mash Tun with False Bottom (color varies)
  • 8 Gallon Volume Marked Brew Pot (2 Weld)
  • 1/2" NPT Kettle Plug for 2nd weld (or add a thermometer in the options above!)
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve Assembly
  • 25' 3/8" Economy Copper Wort Chiller

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