Alaskan Amber (10B) - EXTRACT Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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Alaskan Amber (10B) - EXTRACT Homebrew Ingredient Kit

Clone Extract Amber Ale Recipe Kit

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Alaskan Brewing Company. Juneau, Alaska

Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dr. Stephen Smith
Something wrong here

This is my 5th brewing of this excellent Extract ale; the 1st 4 brewings were perfect. This brewing began 11/2/2021 with the usual preparation of the Extract wort. Added Dry yeast Windsor Ale in the usual fashion. Aerated w/ pharmaceutical grade oxygen @ 1.5 liters per minute for the usual 2 minutes. After several days nothing happened ; No "churning" of wort despite 2 more vigorous stirrings. Spoke w/ AHB agent who sent Wyeast Ale; added it 11/11/2021. Still nothing happened. 11/13/2021 =1.020 (final Sp.Gr. to be 1.012). Spoke w/ AHB agent recommended adding 1 tab of Beano to help break down sugars. I did just that. 11/16/2021 still 1.020. The ferment is stuck there. Wort is unusually turbid for this time in the ferment process of this particular beer. There is something wrong here. It can only be a bad batch of extract b/c I've never experienced this before in my 30 years of brewing. It is not my technique b/c I worked thru those bugs years ago. I suspect a polluted Extract.

Dave Kellas
Very good

A very good beer, turned out very close in taste to the real Alaskan Amber.


So I thought this would taste more like the Alaskan Amber I bought at the store. It did not, but it was very good. Very fruity. Also I only used only one yeast and now they rec two. So either I messed it up ans it was still good or the taste is off

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Great beer!!! just can't keep up with production

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

perfect color and taste compaired to the original. Took about a month in bottles before it was real good to drink. If you like ambers, this is a good one to make. Thanks AHS

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