AHS Yogi Berliner (17A) - Extract Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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AHS Yogi Berliner (17A) - Mini Mash

The Austin Homebrew Supply Yogi Berliner recipe is a Berliner Weiss that uses 4 oz. of acidulated malt and a live yogurt culture in a pre-boil starter held at 110*F for 24 hours prior to mashing and brewing, in order to create a quick soured ale. This delectable summer treat provides an authentic Berliner Weiss flavor 49 weeks quicker than the traditional Berliner Weiss. For an extra refreshing treat on a hot day, add a splash of woodruff syrup to each glass when serving. The woodruff syrup addition is an authentic way to create a balance between sweet and sour that will keep you cool and refreshed, even on the hottest of days.

Specialty malts: Acid
Featured Adjuncts: Greek Yogurt Culture

O.G. = 1.035
F.G. = 1.008
Approximately 3.53% ABV
Approximately 113.9 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallon

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