AHS Toasted Coconut Porter (12B) - EXTRACT Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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A classic robust porter that finishes with the rich flavor of toasted coconut.

Specialty malts: chocolate malt, English Crystal, flaked oats
Featured hops: Brewer's Gold, Kent Golding

The required toasted coconut is included with this kit.

O.G. = 1.054
F.G. = 1.013
Approximately 5.4% ABV
Approximately 180 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
William Crofutt
Where's the coconut?

Two weeks in primary, one week secondary. Added the coconut when transferring to secondary. Just open one after two weeks in the bottle. Dark beer, thick foam head, very delicious but no coconut aroma or flavor. The coconut floated on top of the wort never sinking. Maybe I should have stirred it? I'll definitely make this again, but need to do something to get the coconut flavor. If it's this good after two weeks, in a month it should be great!

Took another reviewer's advice

I followed the included instructions for this recipe except for the coconut flakes. The day I brewed this I put the flakes in my Erlenmeyer flask and added about 16 ounces of vodka. A week before kegging I drained the liquid into a 32 ounce glass container and stuck it in the freezer. A day before kegging I decanted off the coconut oil and let the rest of the mixture return to room temperature. I transferred the brew from secondary onto the top of the coconut mixture and then force carbonated. The result was a dark creamy brew perfect for pairing with any dessert.

Robert Hodosi
The Shiznit

I've tried a few clones. None have stepped up to the plate. But this one is as close as it gets. Primary for 2 weeks. I used a yeast starter and it just kept going and going and going. Secondary for 2 weeks. Force carbed it at 30lbs for 48 hours and......I gotta give to AHS. Remarkable. I even put them side by side. Taste test. Maybe because its fresh out the MF corny but seems fresher, stronger, (I did use the 1% boost) I can taste all the notes, coffee, toffee....AHS nailed it. This is definitely going to be my GOTO,

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Brewed the extract version, let it sit in primary for 4 weeks before racking onto 1.5lb. toasted coconut. Decided to go a little heavier on the coconut addition to make sure it was in the front of the beer. Good porter base and the oatmeal in this one lends to an amazing mouth feel. Will be buying this one at least twice a year. If you like coconut and you like a porter, this is hands down one of the best beers I've made. 5 stars to AHS!

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

This recipe turned out really well although I cut back on the hops a little. FG= 1.012 and the WL Dry English Ale as promised made for a quick fermentation and quick turnaround time. Tasted a little like a mounds bar. Even non Porter fans enjoyed this batch.

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