AHS Texas Bock (5B) - ALL GRAIN Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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A dark-colored beer that is light-bodied, mild and refreshing. This is an Award-winning recipe similar in style to Shiner Bock.

Specialty malts: flaked maize
Featured hops: Brewer's Gold
Other additives: Maltoferm

O.G. = 1.045
F.G. = 1.012
Approximately 4.3% ABV
Approximately 149 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

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Bart Hines

AHS Texas Bock (5B) - ALL GRAIN Homebrew Ingredient Kit

Advertised OG is off, but may still be a great beer

Just finished the brew and plan to inoculate with WLP833. As others have mentioned this is a pretty simple recipe and easy brew. I have knocked off two stars due to expectations set with posted OG. After reviewing the grain bill I was skeptical that 1.045 could be achieved with 6.5 lbs of 6-row malt and 1.5 lbs of Maize. With my system I average around 85% mash efficiency, so i am generally a little over expected OGs. With this brew I hit 88% for an OG of 1.040 which is 5 points under. Had the advertised OG been more accurate then I wouldn't have a problem, it was just not what I was expecting when I purchased the kit. One other thing i am not a fan of is when all grains are shipped mixed together in one bag. I prefer to steep my dark grains so they don't affect the pH of my mash, in order to do this they need to be in a separate bag. At any rate, looking forward to the finished product! I may update the post and add a star back if it turns out as I hope.

Great beer!

Ordered 2 of these kits. Ordering 2 more. Great Texas style bock. Will certainly be a mainstay in the in the brew house.

Best of the Bocks

I have purchased a number of clone recipe kits in the past from various vendors. Most often, never buying the kit or brewing the recipe again again. Definitely will buy and brew this one again and again. Thanks AHS!

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Out of the 4 or 5 AHS kits I've made thus far Texas Bock has been the best received by friends at cookouts or watching the game. Brewed the mini-mash with Safale S-23. Extremely fresh, crisp and clear. A nice malty taste without noticeable hop bite/favor. As far as a Shiner comparison... I can similarity due to the style but thought this guy had its own mojo going on. Difference is in the finish. Shiner out of the bottle finishes with a metalic type bite, this one does not - stays smooth throughout. OVERALL EXCELLENT BEER AND INEXPENSIVE! If you're thinking about it don't hesitate! This will be brewed again.

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