AHS Summer Crisp IPA (14B) - ALL GRAIN Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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This aromatic crisp IPA has just the right bitterness for a warm summer evening.

Specialty malts: Crystal 20L
Featured hops: Kent Golding, Hallertau

O.G. = 1.058
F.G. = 1.014
Approximately 5.8% ABV
Approximately 195 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ed H

Like Tim, I also added Mosaic hops to my batch but I also added 5lbs of fresh mangos to the primary fermenter after the 3rd day, so the alcohol content would be high enough to kill anything that got past the freeze thaw and freeze process of the mangos. Everyone that was able to taste it loved it and it did not last long. I did the all grain version.

Perfect summer IPA

First time making this. Was looking for a crisp summertime beer. And I found it! Just gets better over time.

Tim McWha

I brewed the LME version and spruced it up by taking the existing recipe and adding Mosaic hops ( .5 oz last 5 of boil and 1 oz in dry hopping) and added the alcohol boost (IMO a good IPA should be mid 6% ABV). IT CAME OUT INCREDIBLE! The flavor is light and citrusy with amazing bitterness (IBU's around 42) and my ABV came out to 6.6%. I feel the aroma department is my only letdown, it has a very mango like aroma no doubt from the Mosaic. The flavor is good n citrusy, like a grapefruit almost but very hoppy and piney too. This is almost my perfect IPA. It blows away everything in my fridge except maybe real Ale 4 squared. DEFINITELY pick this baby up! Mini mash is my next version of this for sure to add more complexity to the body


it's the first time I've tried this beer. Brewed in March, tapped in mid June... this is perfect for a summers afternoon/evening. Light and slightly hoppy, this will be on tap year round at my house!

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

I brewed this as a liquid extract recipe. I added a pound of light DME and dry hopped with 2 oz of whole leaf cascade hops. It is a beautiful thing! One of the best I have brewed to date.

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