AHS Raspberry Tart (20) - ALL GRAIN Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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This recipe's name is all the description it needs.

Specialty malts: biscuit, Crystal 40L, acid malt
Featured hops: Perle, Hersbrucker, Fuggle
Other additives: raspberry flavoring

O.G. = 1.053
F.G. = 1.013
Approximately 5.2% ABV
Approximately 177 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The Brew Brotha
Meh, too medicinal

Wasn't a big fan of this particular kit. It has potential but I honestly think the addition of the raspberry flavoring is what killed this beer for me. I think using actual raspberry puree would have been more successful and imparted a better color. If wanting to use a flavoring extract I would bypass the one suggested as it tastes like cough syrup. Bottled this beer and been trying it over and over again over the last two months and it seems to be getting worse in medicinal taste. The aroma is amazing.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

I made this several months ago. I bottled it with the raspberry flavoring and tried it a week or so after bottling. I was not impressed. The raspberry was to strong. So I left it in the bottle for another week or two and decided to try it again. IT WAS GREAT!! It mellowed out a lot. My wife loved this beer. I am making it again for her birthday. This will definitely be a regular. Just make sure and give it time to mellow and you will not be disappointed.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

I brewed this beer last fall and forgot about it being in my secondary for almost two months. After-wards I was a little nervous, but decided to give it a try and bottle it with the flavoring. After about 2.5 weeks in the bottle the aroma from the raspberry was prevalent and the taste was mild. In my opinion it was awesome and so far everyone who has tried it wanted more. I am planning on brewing another batch soon for my GFs bday party. I would recommended.

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