AHS Lemongrass Ginger Ale (21A) - MINI MASH Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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This ale pushes the envelope while simultaneously keeping it real. Challenge the paradigm that a beer light in color has to be light on taste.

Specialty malts: honey malt, rye
Featured hops: Kent Golding
Other additives: honey, lemongrass, ginger root

O.G. = 1.051
F.G. = 1.013
Approximately 5.0% ABV
Approximately 170 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Robert B
An outstanding and delicious summer beer

I made the extract with specialty grains version of this beer with the recommended dry yeast. The beer was smooth, perfect lemon and ginger combination and very refreshing. It was a hit with all my friends, beer lovers and those who are not. Women especially liked this beer. Unfortunately, it disappeared quickly.

Big Orange Jeff
Outstanding on a hot summer afternoon

I'm a summer league swim official, so I was looking for something refreshing to have after spending all day on the 110°+ pool deck. This was it!! Light and crisp with a clean finish. Almost went down a little too easily. Some of my friends were skeptical, thinking it would be too sweet or too "foo foo"


This beer was AMAZING!! I will definitely be brewing this one again!

Jason C
Wow! Surprisingly light and full of flavor

Easy to read directions and once it was all done, I was pleasantly surprised how full of flavor it was and nothing was overbearing. Easily my best summer brew and it didn't last long!

Old Site Reviewer
Good... if your into ginger.

I bought this because I like light beers, ginger ale, ginger beer, etc. This was too "gingery" for my pallet but almost everyone else I gave this too really liked it. I think some of you may know the feeling where you expected a beer to taste one way and ended up being something else. the lemongrass as very up front and delicious when it was fresh but subsided after time. If I were to brew this again (which I probably won't), I may back off on the amount of ginger that was used by maybe 3/4"-1/2" of what is calls for. Otherwise this is a great summer-time, lawnmower type beer.

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