AHS Imperial Oktoberfest / Marzen (3B) - EXTRACT Homebrew Ingredient Kit

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A malty, full-bodied, high gravity Oktoberfest. Be careful when drinking this from a boot.

Specialty malts: Caravienne®, Caramunich®
Featured hops: Perle, Hallertau

O.G. = 1.080
F.G. = 1.020
Approximately 7.9% ABV
Approximately 276 Cal / 12 oz
Makes 5 US gallons

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Full disclosure - this beer is in the lagering stage, but my assumption, at this point, is it will continue to mature, and I'm going to force carb in a keg. Aiming for 4 weeks of lagering, but may go slightly more. Didn't hit the target SG, and I did follow the directions - should've added some table sugar myself to bump it up, but I was about a point low when I took a gravity reading (and adjusted for temp). I doubled pitched the yeast, and did 60 seconds of pure O2. The fermentation schedule was spot on, and I kept temps around 53F , diacetyl rest, and it finished like a champ. It smells amazing, and I am confident will get better as the hops subside (had an extra pack of hops in the package that were not listed on the recipe - added them, thinking it was intentional, but now I'm not so sure). Overall, a pretty clean fermenting, well instructed extract kit, and I am looking forward to drinking this around 7%er in the Fall months.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

Sweet flavor, smooth finish. I can tell this has some booze to it but it has pleasant aroma and mouthfeel. Take your time lagering this badboy, definitely benefits from a dactyl rest. Next time I'll try the decoction to get some good caramel flavors going. Will brew again, lager for 4-6mos at least.

Old Site Reviewer
Classic Review

in line with tradition... brewed in March and popped the top in October. This was a superb brew. Loved the crisp malty caramel flavor. The only complaint i had was that i'd like a little less IBU from the hops. I typically like my Marzens with a heavy malt and just enough aroma hops to keep ti interesting.

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